“New Now Life” is a brand that promotes Hope; A renewing of the body, mind, and spirit, NOW. Although our main audience may seemingly be limited to those in the Recovery Community, our truest intentions will always be aimed at serving the greater good by encouraging spiritual growth and healing. The themes of our products will vary from fun and light hearted, to straight up reminders of our sometimes rough reality. No matter how you choose to look at it, we’re “Slingin’ Hope for Change.” It’s our heart. 

Over the years, I have witnessed a passing parade of individuals in and out of the rooms of recovery, who have attempted living a Spiritual Life, and for one reason or another, found themselves quitting before the miracle. In the beginning, many of them uncovered fears that prevented them from moving forward, and others were just frozen from the gate, with zero willingness to even look. Yeah, feeling awkward and ashamed, isn’t most people’s “jam,” so I understand their hesitation completely. I’m very well acquainted with the bullet that most people think they’re dodging when they prioritize with the self; but I have an even closer relationship with the freedom gained by bearing down, and walking through the temporary discomfort of processing feelings. 

Postponing peace, or faking it for the sake of our egos, is something that has got to be in the rear view mirror of our lives if we ever want to truly experience giving and receiving love and forgiveness. At some point in our lives, we’ve probably all said: “I’ll be happy when I get there,” (or maybe there), only to realize that every time we got wherever “there”” was…YUP, there was another “there” about two feet from where we’re standing. Staying aware of the opportunities that are constantly given to us to “Start (a)New” – NOW, is what’s up. We actually get them all day lol. Put someone else first in situations that you would have never thought of doing so before. Choose healthier food for your next meal. Forgive someone. Ask for forgiveness. Pause instead of reacting. Living NEW, now is life changing.

Some of us may practice a certain faith, and some of us may keep a clear distinction between Spirituality and Religion/Faith. Whatever our particular cases may be, I have found that to the open mind/heart, good information is good information. Apparently I said all that just to lighten the blow of what I’m about to ask of you. Check out the powerful and thought provoking Prayer, entitled “The Prayer of Saint Francis” (also in some circles referred to as the 11th Step Prayer) there is an image of it below. Ask yourself if the concepts that it covers, could improve your life now, if you just took a step in their direction. Living mindfully in this way, is proof that as long as we’re alive, there’s always a chance to improve our next moment, if your last one wasn’t so hot. 

We are individuals who are trying to do better than we have in the past, starting NOW. We aren’t folks that are co-signing any B.S. that might lead people to think that it’s cool to drop an anvil on your nemesis in this moment, as long as you don’t (or ask for forgiveness) in the next. We’ll never encourage excuses. We are just trying to promote steps to healing in the present, instead of denying them or putting them off. Hangin’ out in guilt and remorse just keep us sick in SELF. “Checking our self” in the moment, and not wasting anymore precious time living in different versions of the same problem, is where we’re coming from. We’re about seeking spiritual connection, strength, and healing guidance in the moment.The big irony is that “Now” is really all we’ve got anyway, and the fact that the spiritual connection lives in the present, makes it all seem a bit redundant. Don’t ya think? The amazing fact is that with all this being true, most will still choose to avoid the feelings brought about by dealing with things in the now, and instead put them off for when they feel better. AGAIN, with the IRONY!

“New Now” is a crew of sober creatives doing our best to live in the moment while we’re still on this side of the grass. Many of us have struggled with guilt, remorse, and the fear of our past. Sometimes we’re afraid it will repeat, sometimes it’s fear of looking at it, and other times we may just be living with the stress of our past actions catching up to us and  biting us in the back side. From time to time you might find the phrase “Since Forever” printed on some of our products. It’s just a recognition that in most cases, we have always had the opportunity to start again. We can face our fears, crush our egos, forgive and live (yes “Forgive and Live” is another shirt-check it out). But, every second that we are given, is a “New Now”. Of course there are many tragic things that cannot be undone, we’re not talking about them. We’re talkin’ about the courage to change the things we can. Eventually a personal commitment to living a New Now, can be a reminder to ourselves to ask for forgiveness, grant it, live in gratitude, and try to be a better person NOW (and again-now).

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