New Now Life is committed to our Mission of providing a Marketplace for Vendors, Artisans, and Consumers who possess a common heart for Spiritual Growth, Mindful Living and a Lifestyle of Recovery.

As we continue to flourish we are fully devoted to promoting responsible, humane, ethical and FUN work conditions.

Who We Choose To Work With:
New Now Life does its best to carefully selects artisans and suppliers who ethically train and develop their employees and who work in conjunction with their governments and communities to improve the social and environmental well-being of their respective communities.

Work Environment:
We encourage all artisans and suppliers to meet basic standards of a safe, fair and motivating work environment.  This includes respect for human rights, worker safety, environmental impact and common ethical business practices. We regularly confirm that our manufacturers uphold these standards.

Employment Conditions:
All workers should enjoy certain basic conditions of employment. New Now Life honors and promotes the U.S. federal, state and local laws as well as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labor Organization conventions which establish international human and labor rights.

New Now Life collaborates with others to verify and ensure best practices. The factories that we work with are located around the globe in: LA, Charlotte, Mexico, and Riga.