The “New Now” Brand is about LIVING in Recovery. It’s about celebrating new beginnings, free from substances and the bondage of self. We believe in the insistence of having fun and creating community! Sobriety is not about being sentenced to abstinence, it’s about an opportunity to truly enjoy life without being a slave to a disease. It’s about hope. Surrendering the vices that we once believed brought us joy and happiness, is only the beginning. For us, being sober is a lifestyle not just a breather between rounds. We’re about achieving, supporting, maintaining, encouraging and walking this path together with purpose.

When you look up the word “Recovery” in a Thesaurus, you will find: atonement, restitution, reclamation, redemption, reparation, and retrieval. And for many people, these words will definitely stir up some fears of their own, but for us, they scream HOPE. So, if you’ve been where WE’ve been, we know one another through empathy, and if you haven’t, we can only ask that you meet our efforts with compassion.

We are Blessed to be alive, and hope to love and serve others in as many ways as we can. “New Now” is just a vehicle.

Inspired by Gratitude and Grace we do our best to live in and for the moment in a perpetual New Now. Since the only constant is CHANGE, we may as well live renewed and reCLAIMED every day that we’re blessed with! The idea of there always being a NEW now isn’t an excuse to take things or people for granted, because we can always ask forgiveness. It’s not a transgressor’s loophole, but a reason to be mindful and live in gratitude. Our lifestyle designs promote Love, Redemption, and Hope. The voice of our company’s endeavors is a playful one, and although someone will ALWAYS be offended no matter what you do, we try to keep things clean. “New Now Designs” was created to meet the needs of a separate and greater dream.

That Dream is “New Now Village” A Sober Tiny House Community.  Read more about the co-founders (Nino and Victoria Gabaldon) and the vision here

Your support of The “New Now” Brand will go directly to helping us make this Sober Community a reality, so buy LOTS OF MERCH por favor!