So.. if you haven’t seen what we’re up to…

We’ve launched a positive content company whose main focus will be to encourage people to “Share their Currencies.” We’re in search of ANY of our friends, family, or soon to be one of the two, who aren’t afraid to answer questions to their Phone’s video camera. From time to time we’ll be posing a question or two on subjects surrounding Spiritual Growth. On occasion, the exchange might be interview style, but for the most part it’s just going to be you propping your phone up or placing on a tripod and recording your answer. STILL is KEY.

Using a WELL LIT BLANK wall as your background – with you on the left side of your LANDSCAPE  “selfie mode” video, and sharing some Hope with us. We’ll post on Social Media and tag you. If you have a business send us a .png of your logo and we’ll throw it in the mix.

The content will NEVER be about smashing people with stuff to buy, but ALWAYS about sharing our currencies/truths. We’ll let viewers decide if they want to do their own research on who they’re listening too. The MAIN thing that we’re after is to create content that levels the playing field, makes people approachable, shares challenges and healing. It’s Straight up and Real.

We’re not lookin’ for comedy (although it will transpire and is DEFINITELY part of healing.) We’re not looking to clown these subjects.  The more truth that is shared, the less ALONE people feel.

I can remember the first time I heard people give words to some of the things that I had been feeling my entire life…hearing them give life to what was bangin’ around in my dome and crushing me daily, CHANGED me. It made the impossible POSSIBLE.

Please consider it…

Even (or especially if it makes ya nervous) NERVOUS is REAL. NERVOUS is RELATABLE…and for our Actor Friends.. Don’t Play Nervous lol…😂
If you’re Nervous, just leave yourself ALONE 🙂 And Be…For our NON Actor friends this ISN’T an “Acting” thing, It’s just a Sharing thing.

We love you guys so much and truly hope that you’ll work with us to share HOPE.

Nino & Victoria

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