Nino & Victoria

Company Director

Trying to Impress you with fancy bios and resumes to highlight great schools or prestigious titles, just isn’t our thing. We want you to know who we really are.

We are who we are because of our past, but we are not our past.

We’re just hoping that we can create opportunities to do something good, NOW.

Just to paint a little picture of things that we have done in exchange for dollars to prepare us for today..

We have backgrounds in the following (In no particular order): 
Cooking, Drywall, Pizza Making, Elderly Care Giving, Dog Walking, Dog Training, Videography, Counseling, Demolition, Directing, Personal Security, Cleaning, Acting, Teaching Computer Classes, Property Management, Snow Removal, Chauffeur, Teaching Writing To Prison Inmates, Modeling, Plumbing, Web Design, Graphics, Pouring Concrete, Being a Roadie, Installing Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Systems, Teaching Acting and Improv, Entertainment, Junk Removal, Bartending, Editing, Instructing DUI Classes, Landscaping, Ditch Digging, Social Media Management, Writing, Tattooing, Accounting, Photography, Product Design, Shipping/Receiving, Custom Acrylic Fabrication, Drug Dealing, Carpentry, Security, Hosting, Waiting Tables…

We are no longer afraid. If we’re called, we’re answering.  For Us “New Now” makes choosing love and service possible.  We are truly grateful to be here.

After finally finding our “Why,” things seem to be making a lot more sense these days. As it turns out, most of what we thought was super important in life, just isn’t. It’s crazy. Maybe we were naive, or half asleep, we’re not sure. The jury is still out.

Prior to this realization, we were fairly aware of our talents and gifts (Our What) but neither of us was really clear on what we were supposed to do with them (Our Why). Apparently we hadn’t completed the training. Fortunately or Unfortunately, we still haven’t, but at least we’re a lot closer, so we’ll just call this our “Residency.” If not now, WHEN? Right? Life will ALWAYS be in session, but with “New Now” it all just seems to be coming more and more clear. We were purposed and called to use our gifts to serve the greater good. To us, this means SHARING time, resources, knowledge, food, shelter, wisdom, and whatever else we’re called to share.

The idea that Cash is the only Currency of any true value, is one of the biggest lies that we tell ourselves . Currency is also a “Medium of Exchange.”  We ALL have something to give, but will we?



We hope to meet you on the road less traveled.

Nino & Victoria